Thursday, August 19, 2010

“The illuminated beauty of the ship’s construction site at night “

In this large painting in oil in vertical format depicts the nocturnal, illuminated beauty of the middle part of the big ship under construction as well as the three workers below in front of the part with their different expression.

The interior of the illuminated rooms with there furniture in box like shapes arrest our attention as well as the iron  scaffoldings and the cranes above against the dark background lend a mysterious charms to this visually very impressive and arresting painting . The light of the bulbs here and there glows and illuminates some parts of the splendid structures. The three figures have become an integral part of the painting.

This painting is artistically, aesthetically and visually very impact full and satisfying.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anchor,men,ship & chain

Expressing joy over the completion of work

Expressing joy over the completion of work

                   This three dimensional work having painted canvas on the ship – shaped wood cut piece has an arresting and expressive image of a group of ship workers, who express their joy and cheers over the success of the completion of there work on the ship. The lighted faces of the workers have expressions of smile and laughter. The two figures hold RED caps in there hands. The RED caps symbolize the intensity of JOY. The wooden staircase and wooden sticks indicate the tools of there occupation. The overall grey tonalities of the entire painting help in creating the joyful atmosphere of the occasion.
                   What a beautiful moment of the joyful occasion on the ship captured and highlighted in the painting that gets three dimensional quality of a sculpture due to its projection on the cut out ship shaped wood.
                   There is softness and tenderness on this otherwise joyful group of workers.
The viewer will certainly share the expressive joy of the workers, whose delighted and happy faces will haunt the viewer even after he moves away from this compelling piece of artwork.

A Sailor’s Child Deeply Engrossed in Drinking Water

An arresting moment of a sailor’s son in winter jacket and hat closely standing near his father and drinking water from his father’s water bag has been captured and immortalized in this visually impressive painting in black and white tonalities against light turquoise blue background. There is contrast in the child not using his own water bag hanging behind his back.
The wrinkles and points as well as the smooth texture of the jackets enhance our interest in the clothes of the figures. Note the big pockets of the child and his father. The faceless father helps in concentrating our attention on the drinking process of the child. Yet we can have a clear image of the face of the dignified personality of the standing father.
In the distance behind the back of the standing father a bridge like structure drawn in pencil against light turquoise blue background can be seen adding a new dimension to the figures in the overall composition.
This imposing composition in vertical format with its expressive human activity and feeling and the distant bridge like structure is aesthetically and visually very impressive and engaging.

How long shall I paint the shipyard!

Many admirers of my works on the shipyard have posed a very proper question regarding the time duration of painting this particular subject which I have loved so much to paint for the last three years.

This is a true answer to their question. I have tried to show in the painting that like the cigarette in the mouth of the workers on the ship on the left of the painting and the match-sticks shown on the ships to light the cigarette on the right side of the work, I also have experienced the addiction to painting this subject for such a long period.

The Impact of Global recession on workers

In this simple and very striking painting in oil, I have tried to depict a worker in his typical dress in paynes grey, sitting on the same colored stool with his back towards the viewer and against the lines of ropes above him. A brown colored dog is shown sleeping near the sitting worker on the colored ground. The entire scene image is set against yellow ochre.

I have tried to express the stark reality of the impact of recession on jobless worker, who sits in sad and disappointed mood in hope of getting some job. The sleeping dog also indicates the idle and restful condition of the worker. The five ropes above symbolize the hope of some job for the worker because the ropes always help in uplifting things.

This painting with its overall sense of silence and restful condition truly and artistically brings out the sad reality of the effect of recession on the workers, here a workers of a ship.

Bansilal Dalal (Art critic)

When I smoke

In the painting entitled “When I smoke” Vipul prajapati shows a ship-builder lighting a cigarette with a Blowtorch. In front of him there is the ship shown in topsy-turvy manner. The artist’s concept behind this image is to show the ship-builder having a whim of the ship in topsy-turvy position and how it will look like! This happens when he is busy working on the ship. There is greater impact of the black & white colour of the figure against single colour background.